Pete Bitar and Carlos Salaff formed LEO Flight in the spring of 2020 -- in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic -- with great hope and optimism for a bright future. A joint-venture between Pete's company Electric Jet Aircraft and Carlos's company SALAFF Automotive, they immediately agreed that a massive leap could and should be made in the design of eVTOL "flying cars."


They saw a tipping point in relevant technologies: that science fiction visions of compact flying cars with internalized propulsion is now within reach.

The duo created the LEO Coupe, an all-electric jet turbine-propelled vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), 3-seat flying car. LEO Coupe is designed to evoke an automotive familiarity, while shaking the foundational impressions of what an aircraft could look like.

Due to its safe internal propulsion and compact form, LEO Coupe holds massive implications for the future of the aerial ecosystem, supported by our VERTISTOP charging network.

Pete and Carlos imagine a near future where we transition from a ground-mobility culture to a sky-faring one. They envision life on the ground and in the air becoming greener, less stressful and more peaceful for all.



Meet the Founders