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Last Thursday and Friday, LEO Flight Corp was honored to participate in the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in New York City.

GREENTECH FESTIVAL was an open, positive, and productive experience at the intersection of climate change solutions and technology.

The LEO Coupe is not only 100% electrically-powered, but it has a small physical footprint and uses no open propellers or jet fuel to operate. These qualities make it the most space and infrastructure-efficient aerial mobility solution in the world.

Bypassing the need to create new physical infrastructure like large helipads or "vertiports" to takeoff and land from, LEO Flight creating a more environmentally-conscious and rapidly deployable solution to advanced aerial mobility.

The LEO Coupe VertiStop network is a compact solution for fast-charging and takeoff/landing hubs that can operate using existing infrastrucure.

Many Thanks to the GREENTECH FESTIVAL for creating an environment which fosters open-minded and creative thinking to climate change solutions.

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