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Movie: The LEO Flight Vision

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

LEO Flight recently had the pleasure of working with Director and Producer Alex Zyuzikov to show our vision for the future of flight in cinematic detail.

This is what people have dreamed of since the dawn of the Space Age: The freedom of personal, flying transportation at a scale and familiarity similar to an automobile.

We've seen this movie before, only this is not just a fantasy anymore. Technology has reached a tipping point, and we are building this. It's great to be alive to be a part of making this collective dream a reality.

If you are an accredited investor, and you're interested in accelerating the future with LEO Flight, please reach out to learn about our latest investment opportunity.

Credits (Instagram handles):

Director + Producer: @alexzyuzikov

Gaffer: Daniel Lipski

Key Grip: Dominic Ciofalo

Swing: Malcolm Moore

PA/Driver: @iam.meligagli

Art Direction: @anastasiabaula

VO: Edwin Oldfield

Sound/Mix: @koloah

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1 commentaire

03 nov. 2022

I can't wait to own one.

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