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Watch: LEO Flight interview with Yahoo Finance

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

At this year's GREENTECH FESTIVAL, LEO Flight Co-Founder Pete Bitar was interviewed by Yahoo Finance.

During the interview, Bitar explains why the LEO Coupe is safe, clean, practical, and the most easy to implement advanced air mobility vehicle in the world.

The LEO Coupe is 100% electric, is a car-like in size, and uses no dangerous propellers or jet fuel. This enables safe takeoffs and landings in tight spaces.

Our VertiStop fast-charging pads are a practical and sustainable way of building a charging network using existing infrastructure.

Using existing lithium-ion technology, the LEO Coupe flying jet car will be able cruise at speeds over 200 mph for over an hour before recharging.

LEO Flight is aiming to enter initial production in 2025.

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1 Comment

Bert Ten Haaf
Bert Ten Haaf
Sep 17, 2022

It's my favourite up to now! I hope to be capable buying this super car.

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