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Imagine flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1.5 hours, with one stop to fast charge and refresh. Fast, door-to-door travel with no airports involved. VertiStop is our rapid-charging solution for the LEO Coupe. LEO Coupe can be recharged at home and landed on just about any surface, and LEO's estimated 250 mph cruising speed and over one hour of flight time will be game-changing for most trips and commutes. But for those who need need extended city-to-city travel, and the assurance that charging is available away from home, VertiStop is the answer.

Enabled by LEO's compact size, the VertiStop unit is a compact charging and landing pad. The ability to rapidly deploy VertiStop units on existing rooftops and parking structures is LEO Flight's pathway to building out a large network of charging and parking spots. LEO Flight is working with strategic real estate partners to provide the necessary ground support for VertiStop and LEO Coupe travel.

Vertistop rear tipup_Final.jpg

The VertiStop unit (above and below) provides power grid connection and fast-charging for the LEO Coupe. Integral solar arrays supplement energy needs. The mesh top will help absorb air currents from LEO's jet system. The simplicity and integrated design of the VertiStop unit makes it easy to install and use, quickly making once-neglected rooftop spaces into a fast-charging network for the future of flight.

Vertistop plan view_Final.jpg
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