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Building the LX-1, LEO Flight's manned flying prototype

In just the past 4 months, LEO Flight has built three LEO Coupe feasibility prototypes, and flight tested two. After the CanopE-Jet and the ArcSpear Drone, we recently finished building the LX-1.

The LX-1(LEO Experimental prototype-1)--above-- is a manned alpha prototype of the LEO Coupe's clustered VTOL and forward jet flight systems. Following assembly, the LX-1 has already undergone rigorous component testing.

The CanopE- Jet and the ArcSpear prototypes have helped us verify and select components for the LX-1. It's an impressive machine to behold, like stepping into a sci-fi movie--and it will be a big step in verifying the systems that will go into the LEO Coupe.

If you are an accredited investor and interested in accelerating the future with LEO Flight, we'd like to hear from you.

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