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LIFTOFF! Watch the LEO Flight LX-1 prototype make history

Updated: Sep 17

This morning, Co-Founder Pete Bitar and the LEO Flight team made history with an unmanned liftoff and hover of our prototype flying car, the LX-1.

The LX-1 is a testbed for the LEO Coupe's 100% electric, patented jet propulsion system, representing a radical leap in VTOL technology.

Underscoring how much safer the LX-1 is compared to propeller-drone or helicopter-style VTOL(Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicles, Pete Bitar was able to safely stand right beside the LX-1and hand operate the throttle controls for liftoff.

The next step will be manned test flights of the LX-1, and tuning of the flight control system.

LEO Flight is fulfilling the dream of flying cars with car-like, propellerless, and 100% electric propulsion.

Come and see LEO Flight and the LX-1 this week at the Greentech Festival!

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